I started Pinoy M2M stories because I want a venue for my hobby, which is writing short stories.

Unlike other websites that also feature M2M stories, mine is more focused on the love aspect of this type of relationship, and not on the sexual factor of it.

I do hope you appreciate this attempt of mine to provide a different perspective about male-to-male relationships. And I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks and happy reading!

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey. Kanina lang ako naka-first visit sa site mo and nabasa ko “Not Over You”. You are a great author! I hope you post your stories to zildjianstories.blogspot.com it’s a great site and maraming nagbabasa and nagcocomment dun. Sayang naman kung onti lang makakabasa ng stories mo :-)

    • Hindi naman konti ang nakakabasa, kung ang pagbabasehan ay stats na nakukuha ko. LOL. konti nga lang ang nagcocomment. Hehehe.

      Tsaka enough na sa akin na yung mga nakakabasa ay naaappreciate talaga yung sinulat ko, kaya okay lang kahit hindi milyun milyon ang nakukuhang stats. Hehe

  2. Hey there Mr. Author! I have read After All already and got really affected by that one. I really love the story, in fact I even told three of my closest friend to read it because I also want them to feel what I felt when reading the story. I am currently reading “Plus One”, and Chapter 10 made me cry so hard. I’m really interested in your works, and is looking forward for more. Also, I have a lot of questions about the story and something personal. I hope you can email me so I can ask them to you. Thank you very much for being able to make such art! It really inspired me to even make my own story.

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