Our Love Story

I have written quite a few short love stories here. But I realized you have no idea about MY love story. And since I love you oh so much, I thought of sharing with you how my partner and I met February of 2011.

This entry was originally written in my personal blog on February 17, 2011, two days before we became on official couple.

Here it goes. You enjoyed my short stories, I hope you enjoy my own love story as well. :)


Remember those nights when you would cry yourself to sleep, thinking how you would grow old alone and lonely? Well, I had those nights countless times already. And I was pretty sure I would have that the night before Valentine’s Day. But I was wrong.

Last Saturday, February 12, I was supposed to meet up with someone I met through a Facebook group in the afternoon then go to the speed dating event that same group organized in the evening. But lo and behold, the guy I was supposed to meet up with sent me a message saying he would be an hour and a half late so I just decided to ditch him and went straight to the event. I just really hate tardy people.

Anyway, while I was on my way to the event, I was already thinking what the participants would be like. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. Besides, if you’re really a great person, why would you join such event, right?

The ‘date’

When I arrived at the venue, there were already a few people there waiting for the event to start.

Surprisingly, the people inside the room were really likable and attractive.

There were around 30 participants, including members of the group which organized the event, and non-members. All the members belonged to one group, and same went for the non-members.

The members group acted as the “searcher,” meaning we were just positioned at a certain table and it was the non-members group who would rotate until they talked to all members.

Sadly, I was placed at the last table. There were more members who joined so at the beginning of the event, three of us members weren’t talking to anyone so I just decided to talk to them. One of whom was Harry, a nurse. He was really nice.

The other one was Mark (Not his real name of course). I talked to him because I thought he was the person I talked to before the event started. Well, later on, I found that I was wrong.

There were really attractive and nice non-members but no one really caught my attention. There was no spark with any of them.

After the event, we decided to stick around and talk some more. I decided to drink another bottle of San Mig Light. Mark said he also wanted another.

We drank and talked when the Group owner Migs went inside the room and talked to us. Out of the blue, he said that we look good together, and that we look alike. I just nodded in agreement and embarrassment.

Suddenly, he grabbed our hands and put it together. He asked if we feel some connection or attraction. I said yes for two reasons. The first was because I was really attracted to him. The second reason was I did not want to embarrass him.

He did the same.

The ‘Sweet’ Move

After finishing one bottle, Mark said that he was hungry and craving or sweets. I was hungry as well but I was fine with what the venue could serve but my light bulb ticked.

If this guy who I was (and still am) attracted with was hungry and wanted sweets, then I might as well join him. So I told him that I also wanted to eat something sweet. Smooth move, right?

Since the restaurant did not have any sweets on the menu, we decided to look for a pastry or coffee shop.

When we were leaving, the other members told us that they would go to O Bar Ortigas after they ate so we told them that we would join them there.

Before separating from the group, one member asked for Mark’s number. I silently memorized his number while he was reciting it then secretly saved it in my phone. Hah!

We decided to go to Starbucks Ortigas since it was just a few kembots (Mark’s term for a short distance between 2 places) away from O Bar. He bought a choco chip cookie.

We then went to Ministop because Dino, a non member who took the taxi with us wanted to eat a rice meal.

The Big O

After eating, we went straight to O Bar and met with one group member Jun. Slowly, other members came along with the sea of people making the house so packed!

I was drinking my first bottle of SML when I was thinking of ways on how to invite Mark to dance. I mean he was just practically standing beside me and yet I had no courage to ask him to dance.

I hate my shyness sometimes.

We both consumed our first bottles so we went to the bar to get another drink. I told myself that it was now or never. So when we returned to our place along with the group. I just started dancing to the beat of music and then slowly faced Mark, who at that time was also dancing AND singing.

I couldn’t actually remember how it happened but I just remembered us dancing together, not minding our group and everyone around us. But I was pretty sure that our group noticed our “sweetness” and rather “exclusivity” on the dance floor.

We just danced and kissed the night away. Danced AND kissed. Danced AND kissed.

They were already teasing us because our lips wouldn’t seem to part.

I then told him “Humabol tayo sa Valentine’s” but he corrected me and said “Hindi, nauna tayo sa Valentine’s.

Going home

It was already 4:30 am when we decided to leave. Some of the people we’re with left earlier while there were still some who stayed later than us.

While walking towards the a cab waiting outside, I asked him where we were going. He answered, “Hindi kita pauuwiin. Dun ka na muna magstay samin.

It was my first time ever to go to someone’s house the first time we met. But at that time, I felt safe. And besides, who was I kidding. I also wanted to go with him.

He lives at a condo with 3 other people but that night, we were alone. We just lied on his bed and talked about what happened earlier and arguing who made the first move. Well I know I did but he was insisting that he was the one who made the first move. “Halos idikit ko na sarili sayo dun sa O Bar para pansinin mo ko,” he said.

We slept for maybe an hour or two. When we woke up, I told him I was hungry. He said he would cook for me. And he did.

He prepared scrambled eggs with spicy corned tuna. I really appreciated what he did although I wasn’t able to eat everything because I was already full and it was too spicy for me. Haha.

The curse

I asked him if I could borrow a shirt because the polo I was wearing was soaked with sweat. He refused to lend me because he sort of had this thing with lending his previous boylets stuff and they never returned to his life. Well, I told him I wouldn’t that but I did insist on borrowing his clothes just so he would be assured.

I left his place around noon. He was too sweet to accompany me while waiting for a bus to Cavite even though he hates the sun. Haha


Valentine’s Day

We decided to meet the following day since it was Valentine’s day after all. He told me it would be his first time to have a date on Valentines’s. In his 27 years of existence and I would be his first date ever. It was cute and pressuring on my part. I wanted to make his first ever Valentine’s a memorable one.

We decided to meet at Greenbelt after our work. It’s a good thing we both work in Makati. We ate at recipes. His eyes and his dimples were just too enchanting. I kept on telling him how cute he is but he just wouldn’t agree. Such a brat. haha

After eating we walked while having gelato. He wanted to watch a movie but the 7ish screening of the movies already started so just settled for the 9pm screening. We watched My Valentine Girls because I wanted to watch Solenn while he wanted to see Eugene.

All in all, the day was great although I failed to make a plan which I promised him, we still had fun. Well I hope he had fun as much as I did.

What now?

He is currently in Koronadal for work. We constantly text and call since Valentine’s.

I must admit, I really like him. He may not fit my ideals of a man (chinito, fair-skinned, filthy rich) but I really like him a lot. Well, he told me he likes me as well. So let us all keep our fingers crossed and hope that this turn out to be something serious.

Tomorrow we’ll watch UP Fair because I want to see Sugarfree since they’re disbanding and all. Then I’ll stay at his place and go to MoA the following day to watch Orosman at Zafira with our friends from the group.


10 thoughts on “Our Love Story

  1. Pi Over Two

    I’ve read this in your personal blog before. 😀 I really look forward to the day I can write my own beautiful love story just like yours.

    1. Pinoy M2M Stories Post author

      Yup, we’re still together 🙂 We are celebrating our second anniversary this coming February 🙂

  2. miguel

    I had so much kilig while reading the story, although it was a bit ” bitin” but it made me go want more. Is there any upcoming update of your love stories. Hearing you say yes, ay naku aabangan ko talaga yan.

    1. eliaz

      do you mean “boring”? lols
      there is no such word ( boaring ) in the dictionary..
      “bore and bore” each has different meaning


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