ALSO READ: This is the Closet Chronicles

I love reading works of other writers that was why I was even more ecstatic when I learned that one of my avid readers has began writing his own original story as well!


Everyone, please visit This is the Closet Chronicles! So far, he has already written five episodes (or chapters) for his first story, Collide.

Personally, I love his writing style. As I told him, his writing is like a sophisticated version of mine. Haha.



One thought on “ALSO READ: This is the Closet Chronicles

  1. theclosetchronicler

    Para di off-topic sa main story mo, dito na ko mas magdadadaldal.

    Honestly, I’m still finding myself in terms of writing. I haven’t written that extensively since high school (and that was more than 10 years ago) and even back then I’m more of a “straight fact” writer dahil sa school paper namin. Kaya di ko pa rin talaga ma-reconcile sa sarili ko na you see me as “sophisticated”, pero THANKS for those words. =D

    I’m writing episodes in advance BTW, kaya expect a new one every 36 hours until I run out of ideas. Har har!

    – Edmond


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