Wanna know why I write?

Because I want to let out all my frustrations in life.

Because I don’t have a best friend.

Because some of my efforts go unappreciated.

Because sometimes, I have to keep myself from crying.

Because some of my romantic hopes are crushed.

Because sometimes I am not allowed to be a child — even at heart.

Because sometimes, I can better express myself in written words.

Because if I don’t I’ll go insane.

Wanna know why I write?

Because when I write, I have a choice not to hear what I say back and save myself from the hurt.

Because if I don’t, how will you know that I am happy, that I am frustrated, that I am sad, that I am hurt?


2 thoughts on “Wanna know why I write?

  1. theclosetchronicler

    Naka-relate ako sa “Because I don’t have a best friend.” =|

    Hey, whatever your reason for writing is, glad you did. Thank you. =)


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