What if…

Chikletmy stories get published in a book? Will you buy a copy?


It’s a play of word on the popular bubblegum brand and the term “chicklit,” which refers to romance novels that appeal to women.

While all of my stories tackle romance and relationships, some of my them are like bubblegum because they are sweet during the first few chapter but tends to be bitter, or sad toward the end.


7 thoughts on “What if…

  1. theclosetchronicler

    Love the wordplay there.

    Well, that’d be interesting pag natuloy yan. Sana merong mga never before read stories dyan if ever, hehehe.

    1. Pinoy M2M Stories Post author

      Haha of course may mga never before published na stories. Hehehe. Well pangarap lang naman ‘to. This is too far from being a reality pa.

      1. theclosetchronicler

        Why not, hahaha?! Are you familiar with Manila Gay Guy? May nakita akong books niya sa National Bookstore sa Shangri-la. Mga compilation ng mga letters sa kanya. (I even read a friend’s response to one of the entries there.)


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