[TV] GMA7’s My Husband’s Lover

Are you excited to watch GMA’s latest offering tonight? They are touting it as the first primetime series to tackle gay relationship. It stars Tom Rodriguez, Dennis Trillo and Carla Abellana.

It’s like a story we are only used to reading online is now being done on television! It makes me wonder how my stories look like when it is made into a TV series. HAHAHA

Personally, I am happy that a major TV network is taking a chance in doing a series about male to male relationships. Although I am sure that they would only scratch the surface. Do not expect in depth portrayal of gay relationships. Remember that they still have to cater to the masses, and they are still targetting Filipinos who are predominantly Catholic.

But this is still a huge step. I remember how happy I was when ABS-CBN tackled gay relationship during their weekly series “Your Song.” It starred Joross Gamboa and Victor Basa (who is also part of My Husband’s Lover).


One thought on “[TV] GMA7’s My Husband’s Lover

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